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Conservation means harmony between mean and land. When land does well for its owner, the owner does well by his land; when both end up better by reason of their partnership, we have conservation. When one or the other grows poorer, we do not.

— Aldo Leopold,

The Farmer as a Conservationist, 1939

As soon as individuals with a cause have found one another out, they combine. From that moment, they are no longer isolated people, but a power seen from afar, whose actions serve as an example and whose language is listened to.

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1840

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The radicals are the people who are fundamentally altering the composition of the atmosphere. That is the most radical thing people have ever done. Bill McKibben (


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Still ‘Fracking’: The Perils of Natural Gas Drilling

Today the National Radio Project featured an in depth story (“Still Fracking”) about a natural gas drilling method called “hydraulic fracturing” or “fracking.” You’ve probably heard about this controversial extraction technique. But this story, which uses the recent documentary, Gasland, as a spring board, persuasively identifies the risks to our drinking water. The lack of regulatory oversight is disturbing and many states are taking action since Congress has not. The above link to the story also includes a multitude of other links on the subject of fracking.

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